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Tariq is a technology policy, digital privacy, and security specialist with 8+ years of experience in the technology industry. He specializes in the intersection of privacy, engineering, legal, and policy, taking a cross-functional approach to problems facing both technology and society. He is graduating in 2023 with his Master in Jurisprudence from the University of Washington School of Law and received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science at the University of Washington in 2011.

My Story

Tariq was born in Seattle at the dawn of the dot-com boom. The excitement and growth around the new possibilities of the internet sparked a passion and excitement that sparked his journey into technology. Homeschooled by his parents from second grade, he faced challenges with growing up as a lower-class, Muslim American in a post 9/11 world. Through hard wor kand support from his family and friends, he received his Bachelors’ of Science in Computer Science from the University of Washington in 2014.

Throughout college and his early career years, he found a passion in engaging with community and advocacy organizations to provide opportunities for those less fortunate with a passion for closing the class divide, fighting for a voice for other Muslim Americans in the world, and giving a voice to the voiceless.

As he began working in the tech industry, these two passions overlapped as Tariq began his work in Privacy Engineering. Through his work at Google and Meta, he developed an expertise in identifying the societal risks that stem from technology.

In 2021, he started a Master in Jurisprudence program at the University of Washington Law School to merge the understanding of technology and law in order to help craft comprehensive policy and action from technologists and policymakers.

He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his partner and is finishing his degree at the University of Washington.

Contact Me

You can reach me on social media or by sending an email to tariq@tariqyusuf.in. I am also available for networking chats at https://app.simplymeet.me/tariq.